Dyson Ball DC39 Vacuum Cleaner: First Look

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What do vacuum cleaners and mobile phones have in common? Both have game changing industry leaders who never gave up on their dream of building a better product and were willing to eschew the “let’s make it cheaper, so we … Continue reading


Samsung Series 7 Slate PC: First Look

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In October, Samsung will be releasing their latest offering in the tablet/slate space, unaffected by legal wrangling. Samsung provided an evaluation unit of the upcoming Series 7 Slate PC for a few fun hours, and I walked away quite impressed … Continue reading

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Today we’re doing some maintenance work on Ritchie’s Room and some things may not work as per normal, external links (including search engine links) will not work during this period however everything will be back to normal within 24hrs (we are working to restore everything back to normal much sooner of course). Please only enter the site through the homepage  and then navigate around as you wish.

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Please bear with us as we work to make Ritchie’s Room an even better destination for all things regarding Technology, Gadgets and Product Reviews.

Thank You for all your support and article comments over the past few months and we are absolutely over the moon that we’ve been able to shed some light on many of the new products hitting the market at home and internationally.

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Steve Jobs’ Legacy is in the Clouds.

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Yesterday, shortly after the passing of Steve Jobs was reported, my Twitter feed and Facebook news items were almost exclusively reflections and tributes for the co-founder of Apple. Amongst the quotes and condolences, one comment stuck out for me : … Continue reading


Apple Announces iPhone 4GS with Increased Capacity and Improved Camera, Voice Command

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Today, Apple released details on their latest update to their iPhone, called the iPhone 4S. Looking very similar externally to the outgoing model, the processor has been upgraded to the A5 dual core processor, and includes dual-core graphics. This extends … Continue reading


Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: First Look

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If you’re an 80’s kid like me, then you must have seen the original Ghostbusters movie. Aside from the actual creation of the Ghostbuster team, one of the other great sub plots was Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana Barett being taken … Continue reading


Asus UX31 Ultrabook: First Look

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Intel’s new line up of low voltage Core Processors have given rise to a new generation of notebooks, which will start to see the light of day from this October onwards. I’ve had an opportunity to have some hands-on time … Continue reading